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Sansin Pressure Plus

  • The easiest way to enhance pressure treated wood.
  • Pressure Plus makes pressure treated wood beautiful, and improves its dimensional stability by reducing moisture absorption significantly during wetting periods. Just one coat will provide lasting beauty and long-term performance for your pressure treated deck or fence.
    1. Easy 1-step application
    2. Biodegradable
    3. VOC compliant, environmentally friendly
    4. Translucent
    5. Reduces water absorption and wood swelling
    6. UV Resistant
    7. Soap and water clean up
    1. New and old wood surfaces
    2. Decks, balconies and fences
    3. Horizontal and vertical surfacts
    4. Methods of Application:
    5. Dipping
    6. Brushing
    7. Flood coating
    8. Spraying - Hand or automated, low pressure or airless
    9. Download Application Overview for more Information

Colours on screen may vary from actual paint.Tinted product is not returnable.