Soft Sander Backing Pad for RO 150 Sander

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Multi-Jetstream. Replaces product #496147.

  • Soft pad with regular density for most sanding applications
  • High-temp resistant for heavy duty applications
  • 9 hole/soft
  • Quickly match the pad to the surface with the efficient FastFix tool-less pad change.
  • Jetstream design delivers highly effective dust removal, resulting in cleaner air, better finishes and longer pad and abrasive life
  • StickFix hook and loop design for quick and efficient abrasive changes; enables re-use of partially used abrasives
  • Integrated dust extraction - Pads are designed to efficiently channel dust through the rear port, resulting in cleaner air and longer pad and abrasive
  • Highly-resilient, heat-resistant MPE foam
  • Includes 1 sanding pad
  • Compatible with RO150 sander