Sansin Timber-Tec Chinking

  • A revolution of chinking technology.
  • Log homes move and settle like no other buildings. That’s why Timber-Tec Chinking is engineered for zero shrinkage while accommodating up to 400% elongation so that as your house moves it will continue to be tightly sealed against the weather.
  • Timber-Tec Chinking is odorless, cures to exposure in just one hour, and is easy to apply even in cold temperatures. Because of its extreme elasticity, Timber-Tec Chinking won’t shrink and pull away from your logs; your log home will look beautiful and remain tightly sealed.
  • Colours have been optimized for accurate viewing across a variety a media. However, due to differences in how screens display colour, actually colour may vary. See your dealer for details. Colour may vary depending on texture, grain, colour, porosity and type of wood and may not be exactly as illustrated. Always test the purchased product on an inconspicuous part of the project to ensure the colour and transparency meet expectations of your control.

    1. Fast cure
    2. Zero VOC
    3. Low Temperature Cure
    4. Excellent Adhesion
    5. Excellent Weather Resistance
    6. Paintable and Stainable
    1. Interior and Exterior Use
    2. Methods of Application:
    3. See Application Overview for proper prep and application methods