Sansin Aqua-Gard

  • Like wood, concrete and masonry need to be protected.
  • Even inorganic materials such as stone and masonry are susceptible to water absorption which (especially in colder climates) can cause extensive freeze/thaw damage. Sansin Aqua-Gard is a water-repellant coating engineered to protect new and existing above-ground concrete and masonry from weather damage. Aqua-Gard bonds with inorganic substrates to create a protective barrier that prevents water absorption and resists contaminants. Unlike paint, it won’t peel since it penetrates the substrate to protect from within.
  • Aqua-Gard is water-based, clear, odourless, and won’t discolour – it can even be tinted to act like a stain and match the colour of your project. Because it repels water so aggressively, Aqua-Gard also works to protect reinforcing steel from corrosion. Sansin Aqua-Gard is suitable for brick walls and chimneys, stucco, roof tiles, concrete and masonry.
    1. Clear, will not discolour
    2. Odourless and Breathable 
    3. Penetrates deep into substrate
    4. Prevents freeze-thaw damage
    5. Reduces efflorescence, splitting, and cracking
    6. Reduces dusting
    7. Soap and water clean up
    1. Brick and Stucco walls
    2. Concrete blocks, structures, slabs, sills, etc.
    3. Methods of Application:
    4. Download Application Overview for more information on prep and application