Interface Sander Backing Pad for RO 90 DX (Round) Sander, D90

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Foam interface pad for sanding delicate surfaces such as profiles and contours.

  • An extremely soft pad, the foam interface pad allows the abrasive to float on the surface, producing smoother results on delicate profiles and contour
  • For superfine sanding, the interface pad absorbs the energy of the user and the machine, leading to less abrasion and a higher-grade finish
  • StickFix hook and loop design for quick and efficient abrasive changes; enables re-use of partially used abrasives
  • Jetstream design delivers highly effective dust removal, resulting in cleaner air, better finishes and longer pad and abrasive life
  • Highly-resilient, heat-resistant MPE foam used in pads
  • Includes one sanding pad
  • Compatible with all 90mm Festool Sanders and Polishers