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5" Brushless Random Orbit Sander ETS-EC-125/3mm

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  • The perfect finishing sander in the Compact Class with a compact design, ergonomic grip, and Active Electronic vibration control system allows for productive work without drowsiness. With EC-TEC Brushless motor, long-life and low-vibration, this sander is compact and light making it great for vertical and overhead surfaces. The Brushless motor allows you to repeatedly use the tool without having to endure the aches and pains of maintenance or breakdowns.

    More Power: The EC-TEC Brushless Motor allows for a long life, more efficiency and more power to the pad. This makes brush replacements quick and easy allowing for no downtime.

    Less Fatigue: The Active Electronic vibration control system minimizes arm strain by monitoring sanding activity to ensure a smooth surface with easy operation.

    Better Dust Control: Detection sensors will alert you if the dust extraction hose becomes disconnected allowing a cleaner work space and great finishing results.

    Increased Flexibility: With the lower design height and rubberized grip this sander allows for more control without causing weariness.
    1. The Perfect Finishing Sander in the Compact Class
    2. EC technology enables long life and sanding pad break with carbide tip
    3. Continuous speed control under load with variable speed selection
    4. Carefully placed push-buttons avert accidental switching on and off
    5. For optimal dust extraction use Jetstream sanding pad
    6. Main Areas of Use:
    7. Great for sanding edges and molding
    8. Perfect for vertical and overhead projects
    9. Great for a light sanding after joint repair work
  • Dust Extraction Port

    27 mm

    Power consumption

    400 W, 3.3 amps, 120 V AC

    Eccentric motion speed

    6000 - 10000 rpm

    Sanding stroke

    1/8" (3 mm)

    Interchangeable Sanding Pad

    5" (125 mm) diameter


    2.6 lbs