Wow With Wallpaper

January 30, 2018 2 min read

Wow With Wallpaper

If all that’s old is new again, then wallpaper is the cutting edge of modern home décor.

Let’s face it, for many years wallpaper has been the unfashionable outcast among home décor options.

Many Sudburians remember the era when wallpaper reigned supreme. Anything that stayed still long enough got wallpapered. Every room in the house, all four walls plastered with everything from big prints to small prints, velvet to burlap, moiré to foil. And to add insult to injury, the next generation of homeowners had to take it all off!

Too much of anything can turn people off and that is what happened to wallpaper.

Surprisingly, the difficulty or ease with which wallpaper is removed is dictated by the manner in which it was applied. For example, a single coat of wallpaper “sizing” improves adhesion, reduces seam shrinkage, while making it easier to remove.

Technology makes our lives easier, and the wallpaper companies have caught on to the need for easier removal. Ask an expert to show you wallpapers that are labeled “dry strippable” – that means the paper will come off in one solid sheet without needing any water or steam. Strippable paper is well worth the cost – which can range from about five to ten dollars extra per roll.

With so many interiors now limited to solid paint colours, it’s no surprise that many decorators and designers find themselves drawn to the texture and impact of a room dressed in wallpaper. Celebrity designers like Sarah Richardson, Candace Olson, and Property Brothers incorporate wallpaper into almost every project.

Wallpaper can be used to give bland rooms personality, make large rooms feel intimate and bring uninspired spaces to life.

Like any decorative statement, the most important guiding principle when using wallpaper is knowing when to stop, understanding the fine line between being an accent and a theme. If in doubt, remember that in the world of good taste, using wallpaper as an accent is a good thing, using it to enhance your existing rooster theme is a bad thing.

If you are thinking about embracing the decorative “wow” of wallpaper, start by visiting your nearest Barrydowne Paint location. The showroom is filled with a library of over a thousand wallpaper patterns, in addition to several vignettes papered in a luxurious patterns. See for yourself how wallpaper can add the missing “wow” to your décor.

Click here to shop our selection of Wallpaper online.

-Kelly Scott

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