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Designer Profile: Svetlana Sretenovic, Svetlana Designs

January 22, 2018 2 min read

Designer Profile: Svetlana Sretenovic, Svetlana Designs

Svetlana Designs has succeeded in making a unique mark in Sudbury homes. Applying her 28 years of professional interior design expertise, Svetlana works closely with her clients to bring their style dreams to life. She is well known for her architectural point of view, incorporating stone and built-ins to a home’s decor while remaining fresh and modern.

Svetlana’s career stems from her early background in the performing arts, and it continues to inspire her design choices including adding a touch of black in every room as well as subtle layers of texture. Get to know more about this innovative designer’s personal style in our Q&A below.

What is your favourite space to design and why?

The kitchen, because they are the heart of the home! I love big gathering places, and that is exactly what a kitchen is.

Do you have a favourite colour to work with?

Revere Pewter (HC-172) , as it works for everyone and everywhere. I’d love to work with it more as I like to challenge myself to incorporate it in different ways.

What paint colours or colour combinations are trending this fall?

I actually don’t follow trends for paint. I incorporate seasonal colours trends in the accents I put in a room. This makes it easier to incorporate new trends as the seasons change.

Can you give us a professional design tip for choosing the perfect colour palette?

Know what surrounding elements will be in the space first. Choose your floors and furniture, and then choose the tones for your colour palette.

What is the best way to add a pop of colour in an otherwise neutral colour scheme?

Frame your colourful artwork within black frames. Sculptures are another great way to incorporate pops of colour. In fact, one of the ways I ensure the space I am designing reflects my client is to incorporate artwork, pops of colour in accents and one heirloom piece.

Which style icon would you love to spend a day with?

On a professional level, I would say Brian Gluckstein. However, I would really love to have a martini with Anthony Bourdain.

Lastly, in your opinion, why should people hire a professional designer?

We can help be the guide to what a customer may think they want. We act as their vehicle, guiding them to their final destination.

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