New Series: Welcome to "Tuesday Finds" with Brooke-lyn

January 27, 2020 2 min read

Brooke-lyn Cacciotti of Barrydowne Paint in Sudbury, Ontario, walking through a street in Old Montreal, Quebec.

Wanna go on a treasure hunt with me?

I really hope so, because I have a hunch that there’s a lot of treasure to be found in the Sudbury community. And when I say “treasure,” I don’t mean the kind that sends Nicolas Cage over the edge – I’m talking about the truly rare and priceless finds that lead to great home design!

Hi, I’m Brooke-Lyn. I’ve been a colour consultant and interior decorator with the Barrydowne Paint team since 2017 and have been strengthening my craft since graduating from Fanshawe College’s interior decorating program four years ago. One of my favourite things to do is keeping an eye on the latest colour trends. The other is browsing local Sudbury shops and hot spots to comb the aisles for interior design inspiration, ideas and cool products I can work into creating amazing new spaces for my clients.

Brooke-lyn Cacciotti of Barrydowne Paint in Sudbury, Ontario at the Interior Design Show in Toronto in January 2020.

Tuesday Finds will combine my two loves. I’ll share the best of my shopping finds with you right here, in the hopes that you’ll plan your very own treasure hunt in the coming days. We’ll also explore interior decorating trends and translate them into real-world design using decorating products that can be purchased locally or easily acquired online.   

Some Sudbury venues I will have frequented on a regular basis; others, I will be crossing over the threshold for the first time – and that’s the thrill of the hunt! I also want to discover some hidden gems off the beaten path in search of divine interior design inspiration. If you know some place you think I need to check out, please let me know by leaving a comment below.

So, welcome to Tuesday Finds. Be sure to stay tuned to read my very own declaration (ha, sorry Nic Cage!) of Sudbury’s best interior decorating finds.

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