TUESDAY FINDS: Forecasting the Trends at Toronto’s IDS 2020

January 28, 2020 2 min read

TUESDAY FINDS: Forecasting the Trends at Toronto’s IDS 2020

I was in my glory visiting IDS, the Interior Design Show held in Toronto, which celebrated and promoted design in Canada and across the world.

As I made my way through the maze of modular furniture and high-concept light installations, yours truly stayed laser focused on one thing only: identifying major trends that are destined to impact home interior decorating going forward.

This was no small feat, fellow trend-watchers, given that IDS is a showcase of over 53,000 of the world’s leading products, companies and superstar change-makers, each hoping to inspire and transform the future of design. However, I’m happy to report that three trends did become very apparent to me:

Trend #1: Light Wood Tones

Goodbye Veronica, hello Betty! Blonds dominated this year’s show without a single dark-coloured espresso or ebony wood in sight. Using light woods in your home will help lighten and soften your space and invites opportunities to play with contrast – for instance, pairing a sleek black table and natural blond dining chairs. Light wood not only makes a big impact on flooring trends in 2020, but on closets, doors, cabinetry and furniture too, proving versatile and complimentary to a wide range of contemporary, coastal, modern farmhouse, mid-century modern or Scandinavian design styles.

Interior Design Show Toronto 2020 Light Barrydowne Paint Blog

Trend #2: Mixed Metals

It used to be that you’d never wear gold and silver jewelry at the same time. But we are fortunate to be alive at a time when mixing precious metals is now recognized as a knockout fashion trend! Same goes in our homes, where mixed-metal hardware, fixtures and accents are making a bold and modern statement in bathrooms, kitchens and living rooms. Of course, there are rules when it comes to creating this trendy look – like choosing a dominant metal finish (say, brushed nickel) to use the most, then adding a contrasting accent finish (antique brass) to compliment it.

Interior Design Toronto 2020 Trends Mixed Metals

Trend #3: Big, Bold Colours

The future is bright, my friends – as in bright, bold and beautiful! While we have seen a lot of subdued and quietly elegant shades in the recent past, all indicators are pointing to much more vivid and vibrant colour trends up ahead. I saw some amazing furniture combinations – a candy pink couch with cobalt blue accents, a lime green chaise, coral and orange patio furniture, marigold walls. If you’re feeling a bit shy, start small by playing with pops of colour in small doses: throw pillows, picture frames, area rug, accent chair, or add some razzle to your dazzle by painting a powder room, interior doors or a side table in an eye-catching shade.

Bold with furniture Interior Design show 2020 Toronto Barrydowne Paint

Be Bold with Color Interior Design Show Toronto 2020 Barrydowne Paint

Featured Benjamin Moore Colours: 1315 Poppy, 2027-30 Eccentric Lime, 2089-70 Frosted Petal, 1285 Pink Buff, 2175-10 Aztec Brick, 329 Golden Orchards, 2060-10 Symphony Blue, 1618 First Snowfall.

Navigating the predicted design trends at IDS 2020 definitely required 20/20 vision, but I’m excited to see which ones will emerge in our homes in the year ahead.

Sudbury, where should I go next? If you have ideas of places I can find interior design inspiration and do some trendspotting, please let me know by leaving comment below.

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