People Primer: Lindsay

August 08, 2019 2 min read

People Primer: Lindsay


Meet another member of the talented Barrydowne Team!

Lindsay jokes that she didn’t intentionally choose this line of work, it chose her – with the “it” being Barrydowne Paint owner Kelly Scott.

“I was introduced to Kelly by a mutual friend 12 years ago and have been a member of the Barrydowne team ever since,” Lindsay says, calling it “one of the best decisions of my life.”

Before becoming a colour consultant, Lindsay completed several post-secondary courses in design and colour theory and fine-tuned her expertise through practical, hands-on work in the creative field.

“Having worked in jobs where I dealt with the public since my early teens, I guess I have some pretty great customer service skills – and that’s important in our line of work,” she says, adding that having an eye for design means she often takes a visual approach to clients’ paint projects.

“It is helpful to see ‘before’ pictures of the customer’s space to better assess their needs and to discuss the colour options they are most comfortable with. After all, they’ll be living in that space on a daily basis. Once they return to show me their ‘after’ pictures, we both get to enjoy a great sense of accomplishment.”


Fave space to decorate: I love decorating bedrooms, especially my own. In fact, my first DIY project when I started working at Barrydowne was painting my bedroom and it remains those same colours today! My bedroom has always been a place of relaxation and I enjoy experimenting with colour and textures in that space.

Freshest colour to work with:Purple/plum is my go-to for vivid accents because it goes so well with everything from greys to golds and instantly makes a room more interesting.

A colour rule that was made to be broken:…that you can’t use dark colours in small spaces. I’ve seen small bathrooms and bedrooms painted in deep, rich colours and it really adds a dramatic feel to the space. Don’t limit your design options by square footage.

My design super-power is:I love being able to make a really great colour match. Not everyone can do that, and I find it to be both a challenge and a definite science.

If I’m out shopping, you’ll probably find me at: Ramakko’s, Kuppajo Espresso Bar, Golden Grain, Long Du, The Refinery… my list could go on and on.

I find inspiration: …wherever there is music!

Strangest customer request:I once had a customer inquire about using fluorescent pigments as they wanted to make this very geometric design on a floor. That was pretty interesting.

A project where colour made all the difference:The first house I moved into was painted light beige throughout. A pretty safe and expected choice. So, I transformed it into a warm and cozy, yet modern living space with the help of Benjamin Moore’s Metropolis CC-546. It was a totally new home.

Style icon: Debbie Travis (I mean, how could younot?) or the fabulous Genevieve Gorder.

The best thing about my job is: Knowing that I was able to help a customer make their space into something that they look forward to spending time in makes me feel awesome.

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