February 15, 2019 3 min read


The best souvenir Lauren Perry brought home from a trip to Europe 10 years ago was the yearning to become an interior designer.

“Not only was my camera filled with all things design related, but one of the entries in my travel journal vowed to enroll in design school as soon as I returned home,” recalls Lauren, who will earn her professional designation through the Association of Registered Interior Designers of Ontario (ARIDO) later this year. “Even though I’ve graduated and am working full-time for Perry + Perry Architects, I’m still infatuated with the world of interior design.”

Perry + Perry Architects, a trusted architecture firm practicing for over 30 years, offers full-service interior design specializing in commercial projects and whole home renovations. Lauren will execute your entire project with a professional process, refined with experience.

“Design ignites a fire in me, and encourages my authentic self. Self-discovery is imperative in finding a satisfying career that encourages your interests, and doesn’t feel like work,” she says. “That’s why I didn’t choose this line of work, it chose me. It wasn’t as much of a choice as it was a calling,”

Tell us about your education and/or experience in color, decorating and design?

Knowing the Architecture field, it was imperative that I obtained my professional designation in Interior Design. It opens doors to possibilities in the industry. To become licensed, there are education, experience and examination requirements set by ARIDO. It ensures the highest level health, safety and welfare, not only for your client, but the public in which the space serves. Design comes with a great responsibility and having your professional designation is the first step to offering sound advice.

What’s your favourite colour to work with and why?Ballet White by Benjamin Moore. You can throw that colour on any wall or in any space and it always delivers. It’s an off-white with enough depth to be a genuine stand out.

Do you have any design quirks or superstitions?Anyone who knows me know that I crave symmetry. Even when I chew gum, I must always have half a piece on each side of my mouth – no joke! When it comes to design, I’ve mastered the art of white space, which can provide the same satisfaction of symmetry even if it’s not perfectly symmetrical.

What colour rule was made to be broken?That dark colours should not be used in small spaces. Sometimes breaking the rules can create the most impact!

Biggest design pet peeve?That people will always notice bad design, but rarely notice good design.

What style icon would you love to spend a day with?He may not be an interior designer, but I would love to have brunch with Ralph Lauren (preferably at his house!). Ralph is my muse; he tells complete stories through his work, through pattern and through movement. He’s managed to create an iconic lifestyle through artistry and design. “Timeless” and “classic” are synonymous with the Ralph Lauren name, which I find overtly powerful.

All-time favourite paint colour name:Benjamin Moore’s Caliente – it’s just so much fun to say.

Favourite local stores?Barrydowne Paint, of course! I worked there as a summer student and was so appreciative of the experience, knowledge and creative freedom I was given. I’ve had students ask me how to break into the interior design industry and my best advice is to work in retail first. It will provide you with an intimate knowledge of the products that you’ll one day be specifying. That’s invaluable.


Want to work with Lauren on your next project? Click here to visit the Perry + Perry Architects website, learn more about Lauren’s full-service interior design work and contact her today.

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