Meet The Creativepreneur: Baas Collections

December 10, 2021 2 min read

Teena, the creator of Baas Collections in Sudbury

We couldn’t be prouder of the Barrydowne Paint team members who have recently branched out to start their own creative and crafty endeavours. Meet Teena, one of these inspiring entrepreneurs with her business Baas Collections. Join us in supporting her small business by browsing and buying her imaginative artisan products. 

Teena Baas, Barrydowne Paint Assistant Manager
Business: Baas Collections, a paper goods shop
Instagram: @baascollections 

Being in lockdown gave our Barrydowne Paint Assistant Manager Teena Baas’ entrepreneurial spirit just the lift it needed to take flight. “I finally had the opportunity to use that stored up energy and passion and focus it on something new,” she says. 

Utilizing her background in interior decorating and love of creating pretty things and upcycling everyday materials, Teena started Baas Collections, a paper goods shop with a difference. 

Holiday card collection by Baas Collections in Sudbury, Ontario

“I adore making people feel happy about their homes and creative choices, so first and foremost, I consider my business to be providing that service,” she says. “My mission is to give you the tools to bring back a more simplistic living through natural, pretty, and wholesome touches in cards, stationery, gifting tools, sweet details and custom invitations.” 

This season, look for Teena’s holiday DIY tutorials on creating vintage and natural decorations “to give your home that feel-good, snuggly, sweater weather feel.” She’s also got some exciting products ready for launch in 2022, which may include much-anticipated spring wedding invitations and stationery in time for Sudbury’s Spring Bridal show. “Every day is a brand new idea,” she laughs. 

The best way to find and purchase Teena’s current products, get a sneak preview of what she’s working on next (and even get glimpses of her cat) is through her Instagram account, which is linked to her Etsy shop. Purchases made through Etsy are mailed via Canada Post but if you are a local customer living in Sudbury, Teena would be happy to arrange delivery in person.

“Opening up a small business in a creative market has always been a bucket list item I wanted to explore. The opportunity and excitement to share my knowledge and ideas with the community is something that gives me a sense of accomplishment and makes my heart happy.”

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