Designer Profile: Lisa & Carissa, LC Home Solutions

September 10, 2018 4 min read

Designer Profile: Lisa & Carissa, LC Home Solutions

Sisters Lisa and Carissa, the “LC” behind LC Home Solutions, left behind corporate jobs in 2017 to start their own business offering interior design, décor, staging services and renovation coordination.

“Interior design is something we have always had a passion for while pursuing other careers,” says Lisa, explaining that the pair accumulated nearly five years of experience perfecting their own homes as well as those of close friends and family before taking on the new venture. “We both realized that life is too short not to do something you love – and LC Home Solutions was born.”

Get to know more about these up-and-coming designers’ fresh style in our Q&A below.

What is your favourite colour to work with and why?

We love working with neutrals as a great base. Using neutrals as a base and then building with layers, colour, and texture allows for a space that is not limiting to our client. Colour and pattern trends change often so if clients wish to paint and leave it for 10 years, we advise creating a space with a neutral foundation; that way, changing up the décor can be simple and won’t break the bank. That being said, we are done with grey haha! We look to design rooms that are timeless and classic - something that you will love for years to come.

Our Favourite Neutrals:

What colour rule was made to be broken?

"Stay away from dark colours" - We love working with dark colours too! Most people are scared to go all in when it comes to dark colours. It's said that dark colours make a room look smaller, and well, darker. Though this can be true in some cases (which is okay!), darker, moodier tones can add such an impact to a space. When using a dark paint colour, don't be scared to add more than just an 'accent wall.'

On that note, what item or surface would people be surprised to learn can and should be painted to bring colour to a space?

The trim/doors, or ceiling! I think most people assume your ceiling should be a shade of white. To add on to our comment above, if you're going to paint a room dark, why not paint your ceiling the same! It will be an unexpected, yet impactful change!

Additionally, most decor items, light fixtures can be painted. When we have clients who don't want to spend a lot on these items, sometimes we find it difficult to find exactly what we want for a space. Most times the shapes are great, but the colour is off. We have painted so many items, like frames, vases, sculptures, light fixtures and ended up with something that is perfect for the space and looks much more expensive than it is!

Is there a colour that you would love to work with more often?

We would love to work more with greens. Green can be so fresh, rich, and bring so much warmth to a home. It’s a colour that is unexpected in most colour palettes - especially on your walls, trim, or millwork. Picking the right shade is important - the right shade of green is so timeless.

Some of of our favourite greens from the Benjamin Moore collections include:

What are your favourite home spaces to design?

Lisa’s favourite space to work with is an existing old century home. "I love the challenge of keeping older characteristics in home renovations to keep it authentic and true to the time period of the home. I love all of the wood aspects that are usually found in older homes and reviving them in a new space. So many of these homes have such timeless and beautiful aspects to them - it's a shame many people rip it all out!"

Carissa’s favourite spaces to design are family rooms. "I love adding layers and textures to a space and the family room is the perfect space to do that! As a mom of two, family movie nights are a regular affair in my household. Creating a comfy, cozy room for families to get together and enjoy one another and a good movie is always so satisfying to me!"

Which celebrity designer(s) would you love to spend the day with?

Both of us would love to spend a day with Shea McGee from Studio Mcgee, Amber Lewis from Amber Interiors and Joanna Gaines.

Lastly, how do you ensure that the space you are designing reflects your client’s preferences?

It’s important to listen to your clients. How does their space function for them? How does it not? What are their hopes and dreams for the space? These answers differ from client to client. We get to know their needs and wants and work together to design a space that's functional yet timeless and beautiful. Interior design gives soul to a home. It makes a home beautiful yes, but it must also ensure it functions properly for those who live within it. We truly believe function and beauty go hand in hand while designing a space and promise our clients to deliver on both!

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