Designer Profile: Lisa & Carissa, LC Home Solutions

September 10, 2018 3 min read

Designer Profile: Lisa & Carissa, LC Home Solutions

Sisters Lisa and Carissa, the “LC” behind LC Home Solutions, left behind corporate jobs in 2017 to start their own business offering interior design, décor, staging services and renovation coordination.

“Interior design is something we have always had a passion for while pursuing other careers,” says Lisa, explaining that the pair accumulated nearly five years of experience perfecting their own homes as well as those of close friends and family before taking on the new venture. “We both realized that life is too short not to do something you love – and LC Home Solutions was born.”

Get to know more about these up-and-coming designers’ fresh style in our Q&A below.

What is your favourite colour to work with and why?

Our favourite colour to work with is white (and other neutrals). Using neutrals as a base and then building with colour and texture allows for a space that is not limiting to our client. Colour and pattern trends change often so we advise creating a space with a neutral foundation; that way, changing up the coloured décor can be simple and won’t break the bank.

Some of our favourite Benjamin Moore neutrals include: 

What colour rule was made to be broken?

Most people seem to feel embarrassed to work with white. We often hear clients say they want a space that is crisp, clean and fresh and then ask if white is “okay” to use. Of course it is! There are so many different shades of white, so it is important to pick the right one for your space.

On that note, what item or surface would people be surprised to learn can and should be painted to bring colour to a space?

It is common to think that interior doors need to be some shade of white, but they really don’t. If your walls are neutral, then painting your interior doors can be an unexpected pop of colour!

Is there a colour that you would love to work with more often?

We would love to work more with greens. Green can be so fresh, clean and spa-like, yet can be so rich if you go dark. It’s a colour that is unexpected in most colour palettes.

Some of of our favourite greens from the Benjamin Moore collections include:

What are your favourite home spaces to design?

Lisa’s favourite space to design is the kitchen. Every family is different and creating a space that is functional for them is exciting; kitchens are an opportunity to mix trends and work with colour and texture, plus it is fun to choose the finishing touches and see how it all ties in at the end. Carissa’s favourite spaces to design are the kids’ bedrooms. Creating unique, trendy and functional rooms that can easily transition as the child grows is both enjoyable and fulfilling.

Which celebrity designer(s) would you love to spend the day with?

Both of us are huge fans of Joanna Gaines, Jillian Harris and Sarah Richardson. They create spaces that are on trend but remain classic and timeless.

Lastly, how do you ensure that the space you are designing reflects your client’s preferences?

It’s important to listen. Everyone has a design or style trend they gravitate toward but sometimes cannot execute on their own. By listening to our clients, we get to know their needs, wants and the best way to make their space functional. Understanding how they live in their space, knowing their favourite colours and even encouraging them to find inspiration photos of spaces they love can ensure that a new space will reflect a client’s personality and preferences.

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