Designer Profile: Ann Connelly, style + stage

October 04, 2018 3 min read

Designer Profile: Ann Connelly, style + stage

Ann instinctively turned her love of design into a career, after doing a complete kitchen makeover in her own home and lending her keen eye to choosing colour palettes for others. “I have always done this, not realizing it was something I could get paid to do,” she says.

Today, Ann is in demand as Sudbury’s foremost home staging consultant, which usually opens the door to related interior design opportunities.

“I’ve not only helped sell clients’ homes, but also helped get their new home ready to move in – that could include colour consultation, sourcing accents, art and décor, furniture placement, and otherwise helping in any way that makes life easier and not so overwhelming.”

Get to know more about this versatile designer’s personal style in our Q&A below.

Do you have a favourite home space to design?

I love, love, love designing powder rooms. Such a wonderful small space that holds big impact in the home. Can you say “hello wallpaper?” Powder rooms can be a sexy little space that will have homeowners and their guests oohing and ahhing and make you want to reapply your lipstick more often.

Can you give us one design tip for adding a pop of colour in an otherwise neutral space?

Paint the front door. I actually believe the front door is akin to a man’s suit and tie. Like a tie, the front door is the place where the exterior of a home can have some uniqueness and character. It lets the homeowner’s personal style shine through.

Some of Ann's favorite Benjamin Moore colours for front doors include:


What’s your favourite colour to work with?

Hale Navy. It’s deep, rich and delicious. Plus it looks amazing with most metals, making it a classic colour.

Benjamin Moore HC-154 Hale Navy

HC-154 Hale Navy

Tell us about a project you worked on where the right colour made all the difference.

Colour always makes all the difference! I did a kitchen redesign and got to change everything but the flooring. The cabinets were ‘80s oak and the walls were caramel. I went with Grey Owl for the walls, along with charcoal granite, white cabinetry and white glass stacked backsplash. The white cabinets and light grey walls had the kitchen feeling so much larger, and cleaner, and more beautiful.

How do you ensure the space you are designing reflects your client’s personal style?

The all-important “getting to know you” phase is where I find out about my clients. Not just their design likes and dislikes, but about their lives in general. It’s about asking the right questions and earning their trust. It gets me the answers and knowledge I need to put together an amazing mood board.

Do you have any design quirks or superstitions?

Leave your walls bare for at least a month or so before putting one nail in. This lets you get to know your new space first. And always apply the second coat of paint before passing judgement.

Lastly, in your opinion, why should people hire a professional designer?

Hiring a professional gives you access to their expertise. It’s a neutral eye coming into your home, listening to your story and putting forth an action plan based upon likes and dislikes. I believe everyone has an idea of what they like, but they may have trouble verbalizing what that is to make it transform into design. We all need a little help at times.

Visit Ann’s Designer Profile to learn more about her services, browse her favourite Benjamin Moore colours and see some of her previous projects.

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