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Explore Benjamin Moore’s 2017 Colour Trends

May 23, 2018 2 min read

Explore Benjamin Moore’s 2017 Colour Trends

It is in our opinion that Benjamin Moore’s design team this year continued to find bold colour choices, as well as playing on the inspiration of light, which is similar to their claims of inspiration for the 2016 trends. While both the 2016 & 2017 colour trends encourages users to step out of their comfort zone, this year the warm, rich, muted tones form a palette of cohesive and complimentary colours. The jewel tones, such as Shadow, Salamander, Dark Burgundy and Gentleman’s Gray can be put in just about any space without being overwhelmingly dark by balancing them out with some of the lighter shades like Wish, Iceberg, Porcelain or Cloud Cover. If there is a room in your house that needs a fresh look, go out on a limb and trust a colour from the 2017 Colour Trends Palette.


When Benjamin Moore’s Colour Team creates a palette of colour trends they do not just choose any random colours. Extensive research on design and observing how colours are used in art and cultural influences are all factors taken into consideration when creating 2017’s colour trends. One thing that they noticed was how art emphasised on the relationship between light, shadow and colour. Here is the 2017 Colour Trends Palette, Colour of the Year as well as the four different lights of the day and how the changing natural light throughout the day impacts wall colour and ambiance.

2017 Colour Trends Palette

This year’s colour palette consists of variations of the colour Deep Plum. The 23 colours range from pale to deep with warm undertones, creating a balance of dark bold colours and pale light colours. One thing that was the foundation when choosing the colours was the way that the changing of light can play with the colours and change the ambiance of a room.

2017 Colour of the Year

The 2017 Colour of the Year is Shadow, 2117-30. This colour was chosen because of the relationship between this colour and the way light and shadows influence a space’s ambiance. Shadow is a deep purple whose rich hue, lively pigmentation and mysterious undertone creates a colour that can change from a smoky charcoal or a lighter violet depending on the light.

4 Different Lights of the Day

1. Morning Light

Morning light is bright, charming and innocent making you feel like anything seems possible as the day awaits and brings wall colours to life.

2. Afternoon Light

Afternoon light is when the sun is at its highest causing shadows and a complex interplay of light and dark. The shadows allow us to enjoy the saturation of light in one part of a room while also observing the depth of a colour in another.

3. Magic Hour

Magic Hour is around sunset when light is soft and warm making a space feel warm and welcome.Shadows become softer. The day comes to an end and relaxation can begin.

4. Evening Light

Evening Light is made from the warmth of artificial light as the natural light fades into darkness causing a warm light. This light is appealing, cozy and flattering. Carefully selected artificial light can enhance the richness of a wall colour during this time.



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