Chemcraft Post-Catalyzed Products From Barrydowne Paint

True 24 Hour Pot- Life

CHEMLIFE® 24 White Pigmented Conversion Varnish

CHEMLIFE® 24 Clear Conversion Varnish

This product is fast drying and provides superior vertical hang. Formulated with high solids CHEMLIFE® 24 WHITE can be tinted with 844 tints. Clean durable and dependable, complete your project with this high impact resistance finish that will stand the test of time.

Exceptional chemical resistance with ease of application. CHEMLIFE® 24 Clear will result in minimized waste, and reduced production costs. This product is newly developed and provides superior vertical hang, and brings clarity to a new level. Available in full gloss (90), semi-gloss (50), satin (35), and low gloss (20) sheens.

Product Advantages:

  • no re-coat window when used over approved primers
  • short cure times
  • faster stack times
  • air or oven dried
  • works great with all spray equipment
  • ready to use viscosity

Product Advantages:

  • clear and light stable
  • no re-coat window when used as a self-seal
  • short cure times
  • furniture like feel
  • works great with all air or airless application systems
  • air or oven dried
  • suitable for use over whites and light colours

*Requires the use of the 873-1251 catalyst