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971 EPS 100% Solids Epoxy Siloxane

  • SIMIRON 971EPS is a unique high performance, two-component, high solids, low VOC epoxy siloxane floor coating that provides superior resitance against abrasion, chemicals, corrosion, UV exposure and weathering. SIMIRON 971EPS provides the benefits of high performance epoxy and polyurethane in one coating and is free from isocyanates.

    Comes in Gloss and Satin
    1. Excellent abrasion and chemical resistance
    2. Excellent gloss and colour retention from long term UV exposure
    3. Excellent UV Stability
    4. Weather resistant
    5. Excellent acid and corrosion resistant
    6. High Solids, Low VOC
    7. Isocyanate free
    1. 971 EPS Data Sheet