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Teal Pumpkin Project - Halloween alternatives for kids with food allergies.

October 27, 2017 3 min read

Teal Pumpkin Project - Halloween alternatives for kids with food allergies.

Trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat!

It is a night filled with Spooktacular fun, however some children don’t get to experience this fun, worry free evening the same way you and I get to. This is where the Teal Pumpkin Project comes in—a worldwide movement which offers an alternative for kids with food allergies, as well as other children for whom candy is not an option.

Participating is simple. Pick up some inexpensive toys (dollar store is perfect for this), and place a teal pumpkin outside your home to show that you have non-food treats to hand out. Supporting the Teal Pumpkin Project is a simple gesture that can have a big impact.

This year Barrydowne Paint is excited to show our support of such a great initiative and simplify the process for you!  We want to help keep Halloween a fun, positive experience for all! Take a look at our project, pick up your paint from one our three local locations and follow the steps to recreate your own teal pumpkin!
  1. Gather all supplies needed

  • tools for carving your pumpkin 
  • newspaper, or garbage bags to place down to keep the mess to a minimum
  • bowls to place the pumpkin guts and seeds in
  • one pint of paint in Benjamin Moore’s colour 664 Poisedon
  • paint brush
  1. Cut a Hole in your Pumpkin

You want the opening to be large enough that you can fit your hand inside to remove the flesh found inside the pumpkin easily. If you'll be using a candle for illumination, you can cut the hole in the pumpkin's (for safety reasons, never leave a candle burning unattended). For electric lights, make the hole in the bottom or side so you can hide the cord.
  1. Scoop Out the Flesh

Scoop out flesh, pulp, and seeds with a plaster scraper or fleshing tool or your hands. I chose to also separate the seeds from the guts so I can cook the seeds and eat them, the flesh and pulp will go directly into the garbage.
  1. Transfer Your Design

You will want to transfer your selected design (either using a pumpkin template found at your local grocery store or draw your own) on to your pumpkin. This can be done easily by affixing it to the pumpkin, and tracing the design by poking holes with a sharp awl or needle tool.
  1. Carve the Features

Remove your template and carve along the pattern with a carving tool.
If desired, place candles, small flashlights, or battery-operated light sources inside your pumpkin.
  1. Prepare Surface for Paint

Wipe down the entire exterior surface of the pumpkin with a damp cloth to remove any dirt or residue from the pulp and flesh. After wiping down with a damp cloth, use a dry cloth to dry the surface completely.
  1. Paint Your Pumpkin

Begin painting from the top of the pumpkin working your way down the surface. It is easiest to paint the top half, and then let this area dry for 20-30 min, flip over and paint the bottom half of your pumpkin! 
Tip: To prevent exposed areas of the pumpkin's flesh from turning brown by applying a film of Vaseline to these areas after the paint has dried! 

And voila! You now have a completed teal pumpkin to place out side on your front door step to show that you have non-food treats to hand out.
Don’t forget to share your photos on Instagram with the hashtag #tealpumpkinproject to help spread the word, and use the hashtag #bdphalloweenfun  so we can feature your projects on our website!

Bryanna Klipa

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