I Pink I Love You: 9 Colours We Heart For Valentine’s Day & Beyond

February 10, 2020 2 min read

I Pink I Love You: 9 Colours We Heart For Valentine’s Day & Beyond

It doesn’t take an arrow-slinging cherub to know that heartfelt reds and crush-worthy pinks play a big part in Valentine’s Day. But beyond the annual holiday of love and friendship, this romantic palette can help create a certain mood in a space and convey emotion the other 364 days of the year too.

You can’t blame us for feeling a bit amorous. Ever since Benjamin Moore named soft, airy First Light 2102-70 as its Color of the Year, everything’s coming up with rose-coloured pastels.

First Light made some of us go all heart-eyes emoji. Others just haven’t felt the love for First Light’s particular shade of pink and would prefer to… ahem, explore other options.Either way, our in-store paint experts are here to help with design ideas, colour matching and tips on choosing the perfect palette to make every day feel like Valentine’s Day.

So, let’s put two heart-shaped hands together for these unabashedly romantic paint colours:

I love you pink benjamin moore valentines day color barrydowne paint sudbury ontario

I Love You Pink 2077-70: Soft as a wish and sweet as a parting kiss, this pink pairs beautifully with compatible suitors like grey, green and gold.

Valenties day Benjamin Moore Barrydowne Paint Sudbury ontario

Valentine’s Day 2077-60: This confection-laced pink reminds us of candy conversation hearts without the limited vocabulary. Crazy 4 U? Be Mine.

Benjamin Moore CSP-425 kept love letters barrydowne paint sudbury ontario

Kept Love Letters CSP-425: We’re hopelessly devoted to this dusty rose, which is right on trend while giving any room a sentimental glow.

Benjamin Moore love always 896 barrydowne paint sudbury ontario

Love Always 896: This lovely pearl pink is part of the Classic Collection with good reason. It’s as timeless as it is endearing. Oui, toujours l’amour.

Benjamin Moore 1213 love story barrydown paint sudbury ontario

Love Story 1213: Write your own happily-ever-after ending with this apricot blush, perfect for a pastel palette in a delicate powder room, luxurious bath or master suite.

Benjamin moore 303 old world romance barrydowne paint sudbury ontario

Old World Romance 303: Smooth and creamy, this softly-shaded yellow is like the warmth of the sun on an idyllic romantic getaway.

Benjamin Moore 1330 my valentine barrydowne paint sudbury onatrio

My Valentine 1330: All you need is love… and this velvety-rich raspberry hue. Red evokes emotion and this passionate choice will surely set a few smoldering hearts alight.

1191 love and happiness benjamin moore barrydowne paint sudbury onatrio

Love and Happiness 1191: This pink champagne colour bubbles with good vibes. Not too bright, it whispers softly like the refrain from a favourite love song.

295 candle lit dinner benjamin moore barrydowne paint sudbury ontario

Candlelit Dinner 295: Excuse us while we slip into something more comfortable, like this satiny pink with undertones of seduction. Check, please.

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