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Designer Profile: Andra Lake-Short, Simply Chic Interior Designs by Andra

June 27, 2018 2 min read

Designer Profile: Andra Lake-Short, Simply Chic Interior Designs by Andra

Andra’s professional design career started close to home. In fact, it was in her home.

“From a very young age, I was inspired to make a difference through creative outlets. I’ve always had a knack for colour schemes, an eye for complementary items and a way of putting the perfect finishing touches in a room. My first project was our very own home and from there, I learned I had a passion for recreating and revamping spaces.”

Today this graduate of the Interior Design Institute applies her knowledge of colour and ability to create flow and feel in a room to help make her clients’ homes beautiful. Get to know more about this energetic designer’s personal style in our Q&A below. 

Do you have a go-to colour that you like to work with?
It may not sound exciting, but taupe is so versatile. Any secondary or accent colour can be added to a room if it has taupe as its main background colour. It also adds a certain warmth to a room that you may not achieve with other colours.
How do you suggest adding a pop of colour in a neutral scheme?
Décor, décor, décor! It’s about adding those little details: coloured handles, coloured throw pillows, maybe some special accents and accessories, even an area rug.
What colour “rule” was made to be broken?
Dark colours make the room look smaller – uh-uh. I’m a big fan of using darker colours. You can do so much with them!
What inspires your colour choice for a design project?
Colour trends and the lighting (both natural and artificial light) affects colour choice, but most important to me is choosing a colour that reflects how my client wants the room to feel.
Do you have any design quirks or superstitions?
I am a huge fan of accent walls. Love, love, love them. You may not want to paint an entire room a certain colour, so I say let’s try it on one wall and turn it into a focal point instead.
Which style icon would you love to spend a day with?
Terry Vendetti of Terry Vendetti Interiors has helped me so very much, I will always be thankful to him. I would love to spend the day just following him around. He certainly does work some magic!
Lastly, in your opinion, why should people hire a professional designer?
We have the knowledge and the desire to make your rooms feel the way you would like them to feel. Sometimes committing to something new is difficult; a professional designer can help make that transition easier.
Visit Andra's designer profile to learn more about her services, browse her favourite Benjamin Moore colours and see some of her previous projects.

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