Designer Profile: Alicia Cross, Styled Spaces by Alicia

June 16, 2017 3 min read

Designer Profile: Alicia Cross, Styled Spaces by Alicia

An artist at heart, Alicia has always found ways to express her creativity, including cooking and interior design. “With design, I’m able to enjoy the product of my vision for more than 20 minutes,” she laughs.

After buying, renovating and redesigning a home with her partner several years ago, Alicia became an expert on creating a big impact on a small budget and giving smaller spaces greater efficiency and appeal. Today, this well-rounded decorator excels at taking bits and pieces of inspiration from a variety of styles and harmonizing them to make “a space look like it’s been places.”

Get to know more about this imaginative designer’s personal style in our Q&A below.

What colour combinations are trending this fall or will be big in 2018?

I think we’ll be seeing a lot of blues and greens this year. Dark, moody blues and rich, earthy greens are already starting to pop up, but I think we can also expect some lighter, more energetic hues to start trending in the spring.

What colour would you love to work with more and why?

I’m really feeling Midnight Navy right now. I haven’t worked with it much, but I’m finding myself drawn to it lately. It’s a very dark and mysterious colour that I think will play well with a variety of themes and colour schemes. In fact, I have some ideas in store for a master bedroom I’m currently working on.

Is there a room or space that you especially love to design?

My favourite space is the bedroom because of the number of moods that can be portrayed inside this most intimate space. How you do want to feel when you go to sleep at night and wake up in the morning: sexy, empowered, relaxed, energized, weightless, inspired? There are so many possibilities I could probably design a million bedrooms and never use the same theme twice.

What’s the best way to add a pop of colour in an otherwise neutral colour scheme?

It’s easy to add colour to a space; the problem is when someone is afraid of or doesn’t understand colour. Adding colour doesn’t mean you have to go wild with bubble gum pink or bright red or that you have to choose and stick with only one colour. If you’re unsure of what will look good, find some inspiration through a design app or Pinterest. My biggest tip is to start small. Get a throw pillow or picture frame and see how they look in your space. If you’re still stuck, call me! I’d love to help bring a little colour into your life.

Make a statement with an understated colour such as:

HC-117 Hancock Green

2092-70 Fairest Pink

2122-60 Palest Pistachio

Is there any overlooked surface you think should be painted to bring colour to a space?

One thing that is overlooked when people are trying to update their space is light fixtures. But painting old light fixtures, especially brass, can add so much aesthetic value and serve as a bold statement piece. Re-imagine an old brass chandelier in a bright colour like Sunshine Yellow (2021-30), Lime Tart Green (2033-40) or Poolside Blue (2048-40) or more understated colours like Hancock Green (HC-117), Fairest Pink (2092-70) or Palest Pistachio (2122-60). It’ll bring a breath of fresh air to any space in an unexpected way.

Take a statement with a bright colour such as:

2021-30 Sunshine Yellow

Which celebrity designer would you love to spend a day with?

I would have to say Candace Olson; she is a goddess of design as far as I’m concerned. Her designs have great flow and she always delivers a punch of the unexpected.

Lastly, in your opinion, why should people hire a professional designer?

There is so much to consider when dealing with design: functionality, flow, colours, textures, patterns, lighting and more. I think a lot of people just get overwhelmed and don’t know where to start. Even if they do know that they like a certain colours, or a certain style of décor, you still need to know how to pull it together in a way that works. A professional designer can help you make the most of your space in ways you probably couldn’t have imagined.

Visit Alicia’s Designer Profile to learn more about her services, browse her favourite Benjamin Moore colours and see some of her previous projects.

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