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Finitec Synergy Finish for Furniture

Size Guide
  • Made of urethane and alkyd, it gives to furniture and floors a rich color that enhances the aspect of wood. Suitable for furniture, floors, woodworks, cupboards, decorative and other wood objects.
    1. Semi-gloss - Satin luster
    2. Easy and ready to use
    3. Coverage: 165 sq.ft
    4. NMP free (NMP are a type of volatil organic compound harmful to the health)
    5. Drying Time:
    6. To Touch: 2 hours
    7. Between coats: 4-5 hours
    8. Light contact: 6 hours
    9. First wet cleaning: 7 days
    10. Complete curing time: 7 days
    1. Technical Document Sheet
    2. Instructions for use