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Finitec Ceramic Floor Cleaner

  • A high-performance and eco-friendly cleaner recommended for the following surfaces: ceramic, marble, natural stone and slate
    1. Made with ecological surfactants and natural essential oils
    2. Frosty lemon fragrance
    3. High-performance and eco-friendly product
    4. Leaves no streak and no residue
    5. Requires no rinsing
    6. Non-slippery
    7. Ingredients are biodegradable in 28 days according to OECD's 301, 311 and 306B test norms
    8. VOC: less than 1%
    9. Dye-free, aromatic solvent-free and phosphate-free
    10. 700 mL bottle
    11. Includes a 33 mL refill of ultra concentrated cleaner that gives 700 mL of ready-to-use cleaner
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