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Shades Of Gray

With a variety of brown, blue, and green undertones this collection contains you will never look at gray the same way again. Discover the underestimated power that this palette of grays has to offer. You will find that this collection possesses a surprising amount of nuance and life.

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Naturally Neutral

A collection of colours which range from light to medium hues that work nicely with just about any other colour. Use our naturally neutral colour family to find the perfect wall colour for a backdrop to let your furniture be the focal point. This palette contains warm neutrals which contain brown, red, orange, or yellow undertones.

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Elemental Greens

Nature's favorite color—and also popular across the design industry. In it's purest form, green will achieve a balanced and refreshing atmosphere in your space. However, add a blue undertone and it becomes crisp and cool, or find a green which leans towards yellow and it becomes livelier. This palette will soothe, uplift and make everything around it look good.

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Earthen hues

Organic in nature, this soothing, rich palette is muted and flat in an emulation of the natural colors found in dirt, moss, trees and rocks. Inspired by natural things around us: brown soil, green leaves, the sky, as well as the red sun, these palettes can create a warm, nature-friendly atmosphere. Use more than one of these hues in one space to achieve an enchanting atmosphere. Browse our favourite browns, tans and other various rich warm colors.

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Fiery Sunset

Complimenting the more fiery reds and oranges, this colour family creates a harmonious balance. The orange tones in this palette are cheerful and uplifting,  conveying a sense of energy that brings spaces to life while the red tones showcase energy and passion.  Bursting with energy, the fiery sunset collection will radiate warmth through your space.

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yellows & golds

Inspired by nature this collection features creamy tones to infuse your home with warmth and cheer. The gold- kissed colours offer pleasant familiarity and will bring a sense of comfort to your home.

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Welcome to the Dark Side

Turn away from the neutral palette to add spirit to a space to give things their own personality! Don't be afraid, this enigmatic and understated collection will create depth and sophistication that will encourage you to leave your comfort zone. From accent walls, to painting an entire space, this collection showcases our favourite dark hues.

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Light and Airy

Light & Airy

These colours will bounce light around your room for an airy and bright feel. This collection highlights refreshing sea-inspired shades with carefully selected hues, chosen for their sense of movement.

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