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1100 SL Solid Epoxy Activator

  • 1100SL is designed for flooring professionals who demand quality. This two-component, self-leveling epoxy is formulated from 100% solids and provides high gloss. The 1100SL delivers excellent adhesion, durability, chemical and stain resistance and offers superior protection to concrete surfaces.
  • 2 Parts Epoxy to 1 Part Activator
  • Size: 5 Gallon Pail
  • Available in Haze Gray, Sandstone, and Clear
    1. Chemical Resistant
    2. Solvent Free
    3. Seamless - High Build Coating 
    4. Hard Wearing and Abrasion Resistant
    5. Low Maintenance
    6. Excellent Adhesion Properties
    7. Impact Resistant
    8. Self-Leveling
    9. Easy Application Features
    10. Combine with decorative vinyl chip, quartz & metallic additive to create an attractive and durable finish
    1. 1000SL Product Data Sheet